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I have just been served the divorce notice from the Court (aka "the Complaint"). How long do I have to respond?

Under OCGA, you have 30 days to respond to a divorce notice, starting the day you are served. Failure to respond during this period will result in you losing your right to be notified of future updates with the case, including the court's judgment. 

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Divorce & Separation

When two people enter into marriage they expect it to last a lifetime, but eventually all marriages experience difficulties. Sometimes these troubles can be overcome, but other times even the strongest unions become irretrievably broken. Even after this point is reached, the decision to divorce is often not reached until the couple has exhausted tremendous time and energy trying to repair the relationship. For those that find themselves already depleted from the marriage, the thought of an adversarial divorce can be daunting.

To help our clients cope with this stressful and unfamiliar situation, our firm does our best to educate about the proceedings and protect the interests of our clients and their children with effective, responsible, and efficient work.

In general, a divorce can proceed as uncontested (all parties are agree on all issues), collaborative  (the parties are amicable but there are issues that need to be resolved), or contested (there a significant gap between the parties' positions). Our firm is proud to represent our clients to ensure they are protected no matter what the situation.

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